Diamond Shikshan Samsthee

Danish Urdu Pre-Primary School

Diamond Shikshan Samsthees an establishment of professional groups from diverse areas of expertise
with many years of practical experience at international headquarters and foreign subsidiaries of renowned multinationals.We, in
association with HANDS (Human Ability & Development Society) founded this institution with the sole objective of teaching Business
Management and Administration through distance learning at an economical price regardless of location, nationality and age.
Thus, breaking all the bars which would hinder growth. The Diamond Shikshan Samsthe courses reflect the international work
experience of the developers and faculty, who constantly interact with many people from different nationalities and cultures in all
aspects of business.

The Academy has achieved success by training students, employees and other professionals in General Management, Marketing,
Human Resources and Finance. With Diamond Shikshan Samsthe’s quality based learning programs, our students will develop their skills
for being successful entrepreneurs.

Diamond Shikshan Samsthe is an Independent B-School for Advanced Online Business Studies. For us, B-education is not just business
enlightenment, but also the development of interpersonal skills, knowledge, style and charisma; that will definitely make
the students exceptional. Hence, our distance programs enable you to achieve all the above at your own pace and convenience.
A qualification in Business Administration is ideal for the modern professionals because it has a wide scope for its applicability in this
competent market. If you’re a time-strapped executive or self-employed professional, it’s a boon that allows you to keep
building a career, while learning something that can be implemented at your workplace at the same time.

There’s intense demand in business for men and women who understand not just how to manage innovation, but how to structure
their management in the organizations and also their financial architecture to encourage self inspiration. The biggest driver for
Diamond Shikshan Samsthe is the recent social changes. Over the years, individuals, institutions, business, industry and the military have
sought for alternative means of access to higher education as they strive to cope with lifestyles and changing demands of the economies
and societies they live in.

“Today, higher education is a necessity for those who wish to work and prosper in an economy that is becoming
dependant not onsheer muscle power, but on brain power. Today, the workforce is rewarded for how well and how
fast problems are detected
and solved”. (Saba, PhD, 2001).

Similarly at Diamond Shikshan Samsthe, with our Management and Financial programs, our Executive courses provide the best and
latest literature from around the world, and we combine them to equip our students with the knowledge and the confidence they need
to be key players in the new global economy.

Why MBA has become so Important :

MBA is Masters in Business Administration the name itself says that it teaches a person how to handle a complete business efficiently.
But the question is why we need so many MBA”s that there is mushrooming of MBA institutes. Now the story goes way back in 1991
when India used to be a closed economy and the businesses were not so big at that point of time people used to strive for a doctors
degree or a lawyers degree or an engineers degree or to become teacher most of us were not even aware of what MBA is. But in 1991
our then prime minister Mr. P.V Narasimha Rao and our then finance minister Mr.Manmohan Singh(our current prime minister) decided
to go for liberalization and with the effect of liberalization the businesses started increasing and small firms started expanding themselves
and became conglomerates and lots of MNC”s came to India. When businesses became large and complex then there arise a huge need
to manage those businesses and an MBA is an appropriate person to manage a large business. So the companies started hiring MBA
professionals and this course became a huge hit in the education market. So the large need of MBA led to the mushrooming of
management institutes. But in the early days of liberalization MBA used to have only HR, Production, finance, Marketing and sales as
its specializations areas but the businesses kept on increasing and got more diversified for example in the specialization of finance
we have got more specializations( just because of expanding businesses) there are specialization in insurance management and
specialization in banking management, corporate finance management, investment management, mutual funds management etc
and the story is same with every field be it marketing be it HR be it production. This is one of the biggest reasons why MBA is so
important and it will be important till the time big companies and industries are there. And the whole education scenario
will keep on getting complex day by day till the time businesses will keep on getting larger and the field of technology will
keep on getting innovations.